Daily Check-in: Thursday, May 25th

Hey Blenderz!

How are you all today?

Right quick, snce it is Thursday, let's look at and possibly add some ghosts (guest hosts) to this schedule!

May 27th & 28th: Inge

June 3rd & 4th: Shabnam

June 10th & 11th: Karen

June 17th & 18th: Lea

June 24th & 25th: ????

As always, feel free to let me or Kim know anytime you would like to ghost the weekends. It's super appreciated and we look forward to seeing you up here. Thank you!

So what about those workouts? Shab, Kim, and Lea, how are you feeling and going about working out with Kayla? It has been really good for me so far! Nothing overly taxing and muscles feeling good! So today was a total body strength that felt nice using lighter weights: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/total-body-pure-strength-with-dumbbells-step-and-resistance-band

Now what about food? I did get to some beans and rice yesterday and whaddya know? I have leftovers! Think I'll help myself to that for dinner along with something green.

Picture for today is of some naturally crinkly (why do I read that as cranky?) Crape Myrtle flowers. Cranky or crinkly or maybe both, they are here for you.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Anne, thinking about your move and hoping it went alright!

Thanks for reading and checking in with me on this Friday Eve, Blenderz!




***Note: These Daily Check-in posts are open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate! All are welcome here! These check-ins are a way to stay motivated, accountable, and be supported as we all try to be our healthiest selves. Feel free to pop in and say 'hi' anytime, and post as much or as little as you wish! No prerequisites here! Feel free to add photos if you want as well! Whether you need advice about working out/eating well/life in general, just want to comment, or maybe need support during a hardship--we're here for you! So: Welcome to the FB Family, and to the Daily Check-ins! We appreciate you being here!***