Stressed by fixed Schedule - More flexibility of the single workouts possible?

Dear Daniel and Kelly,

I am a big fan of what you are doing and it helps me a lot with my body image problems ! Since you always ask for opinions and suggestions I wanted to share my experiences as an idea to improve the calendar/workout programs: For me it was absolutely great being able to switch the single workouts of a workout program by yourself. I use the programs a lot and appreciate the time I spare for not having to search in my (huge ;-)) "Favorite" list for the right choice of the day. I also use your calendar to structure my weekly amount of physical activity and it helps me and motivates me in general. The problem with the fixed schedules is: it puts pressure on me when I miss a workout. Even when I get my "workout complete" on all of the suggested 5/6 days a week, I am nearly never able to do it just one day after the other, because my body needs a rest day usually after 2 or 3 days of workout in a row and I realized that I feel stressed when I miss a workout (even though I planned to do it on the prescheduled rest days). On your new webside it is even worse because the Dashboard always reminds me of my "missed workouts". Today I feel a little weak and I guess it was time for a rest day but I caught myself to set pressure on me to do the fixed structure of yours and that's why I decided writing my impressions down...

Furthermore it was great being able to switch presceduled workouts and nonetheless mark the day as "completed" when I am active in another way that day and to stretch a 4 week challenge to 6 weeks in the calendar by myself when I don't feel like working out that much each week. The way it is now, it feels like always dragging behind my goals even though I reached them... I don't know it that makes sense (English is not my mother togue) -

Anyways - I love what you are doing and hope you are able to recover a little of the stress you had the last months!