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New Plus Workout! Total Body Strength with Descending Intervals

Hey Blenders!

Today feels like a great day to bust out of your comfort zone with weight. That’s what today’s workout release is all about —

Heavy Strength with Descending Intervals

This workout takes 6 fundamental movement patterns and sets them up with descending intervals. The challenge is to pick up heavier weights each round, if you can. You’ll have plenty of active rest between each set to regroup.

This workout is great if you’re 1) wanting to push out of a plateau or your own comfort zone or 2) someone just beginning to build their foundation of strength. The exercises are no-fluff so it’s a great place to master the essentials.

I filmed this at 6 months postpartum and was excited to *finally* feel like I don’t have many hindrances to my exercise anymore. After a bit of a journey with diastasis recti rehab and a slow build back into training, it feels good to feel strong again. If you’re a new mom or someone just starting their fitness journey, keep going. It KEEPS getting better.

Cheering you on, always. See you on the screen!