6 mo post hit and run "recovery "

so i got hit on right side.... while walking home --3 dy hosp /2 mo in " care " home ..1 mo " PT'...then on my own (Medicaid rules ) the car broke the top of my tibia and fibula / broke upper arm by shoulder --thrashed rest of shoulder ..messed up my back / neck and both feet...again ==while in recovery my having to use my full weight (180 ) on Lt side to get up and transfer messed body on the Lt side

so im in pain a lot --however i do know that at 170 # i need to get the weight off asap !!...i have no "extra " funds to go to a brick and mortar gym bldg / and am on Food Stamps and fixed income so " meal plans "and " diets " are unfeasible for me ( plus tons of medical issues dont match w/ so called "recommended foods and meals ". i don't have a lot of " equipment " to use ---1 therapy band / chairs and walls / bed ( can get to floor ...getting back up is a no-go for now )

add to that breathing issues aggravated by the injuries

soo where do i start and how ...balance and endurance along w/ total bod weakness is driving me nuts ( when you need an electric can and jar opener to be able to prep and take multiple breaks while trying to fix even a " simple " meal is beyond annoying !!!!!

help !!!!