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New Workout! Thigh and Glute Slow Burn Tempo Training

Hello hello friends! Today I am bringing you a lower body resistance band workout that’s both physically and mentally challenging. Who’s up for it? :) 

Thigh and Glute Slow Burn Tempo Training

The key words in this workout that may stick out to you are tempo training. What this means is that each repetition we complete of an exercise will have a specific count that goes with it for each phase of the movement. This allows us to slow down and have greater control, increase the time our muscles are under tension, and increase our strength. The nature of counting also does a fantastic job of keeping us mindful and present in the moment with our bodies. 

The workout itself is broken into 3 parts. Part 1 is 20 minutes and we’re on our feet for all the exercises. Part 2 cuts down to 7 minutes of floor work. Part 3 is shorter yet, a 2-minute burnout. For all of these, I will be using a resistance band but you can choose how often to use one, if at all. There’s a section in the workout write-up where I share guidance on choosing your own intensity so, each time you do the workout, it can feel approachable depending on what you’re feeling. In addition, I share modifications with you along the way. Your warm-up and cool-down are included as well.

This workout is also perfect to save for when you’re on-the-go traveling and want to get a rewarding burn in for the lower half of your body. All you need to do is toss a resistance band in your suitcase and you’re all set! 

I can’t wait to explore this workout with you,