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Making weightlifting fun

Hi y'all, I love what weightlifting does for my body and mind. Yet, somehow I'm unable to stick to a home workout routine. Do you have some creative (!) tips for me for how to make weightlifting more fun?

FYI, I have lipedema and tend to get shin splints, so HIIT is out of the question for me, and I have some wrist issues, that's why any exercise on all fours is off limits, too. The bored easily videos are a bit too cognitively demanding for me (because I think in kilos not lb haha) and I need to stick to home workouts. I find it fun to push myself to my limits (did crossfit for a while and absolutely loved it) but my body is very sensitive, so I often end up having to stop exercising because of some pain or injury. With all these limitations, I am at a loss how to make working out fun again.