New Plus Workout: Upper Body Strength and Cardio Intervals Combined!

Good morning FB Family! 

We've got a new workout for you today:

Upper Body Strength and Cardio Intervals Combined

Usually when we add cardio to a strength workout, it's between lifting intervals, or before or after the lifting (depending on the exact purpose and goal of the workout). In this instance, we'll be completing cardio moves with the lower body during our upper body strength sets.

There are a bunch of ways that you can modify this workout to make it match your goal focus for the day. You can add resistance bands around the ankles or knees to turn this into a total body workout, you can cut the cardio out of the lifts in order to be able to lift a heavier weight, you can hold onto very light weights to make this a spicy cardio endurance workout, or you can use the lower body driven cardio as a test of your stability and core control as you move the weights around your body. Decide what exactly it is you want to focus on today, and make it work for you.

I tried something new in this workout and ended up enjoying it - you'll have to let me know what you think of the simultaneous cardio and strength moves!

Question: when you train your upper body, do you usually combine it with cardio, or do you prefer pure lifting? 

Thanks for working out with me!