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FB Bodyweight or FB Abs 1

Hi, i've always been a healthy weight & toned but in the past year I stopped working out and fell into bad eating habits. As a result I gained 1 stone going from 9 stone 3lbs to 10 stone 3 lbs. I have managed to get down to 9 stone 11 lbs through my diet and slowly reintroducing exercise but I've found that i've hit a plateau.

Now I want to up my exercise to lose 10/11 lbs in 6 weeks in time for my sisters Hen Do and Wedding. I have lost a lot of my strength & fitness so i'm not sure what workout program to begin with... Do I start with FB Abs or FB Bodyweight before moving onto FB Burn?

If anybody is / has gone through similar i'd love to hear your advice! :)