Struggling to be healthy (in lots of ways)

Hello everyone!

First, I'd like to thank everyone for being so kind on my last thread. I appreciate how supportive everyone is. :)

As a bit of background on me: I'm a 19 year old girl, and I've been out of shape, overweight, and eating badly pretty much my whole life. Homeschooling meant I never had PE, and I've never gone to a gym, and I had no idea how to exercise or what fitness looked like. I also ate whatever I felt like, which was essentially just junk food (although I cut out sugary foods/desserts/drinks a few years ago).

For the first half of last year, I started exercising with Ring Fit Adventure and then FB, and eating a bit better! I really enjoyed becoming sort of fit! But I tried dieting with a calorie deficit and started college, and the high stress and not exactly great choices resulted in me dropping all exercise, binge eating, and returning to my natural state of lying in bed 24/7.

I've taken the summer off from school and eased myself back into exercise by doing it 1-4 times a week and the LI R2 program, got diagnosed with hyper mobility so I can understand why my joints are so weird, and am working on how to eat better. I still struggle a lot with becoming healthier, so if you have advice, I would really appreciate it.

Having some physical/mental problems, I struggle to exercise consistently, and being overweight + very weak and out of shape makes it harder. I also have a hard time eating well when I still struggle with BED and absolutely hate to cook, but not eating well makes me feel bad and gain even more weight. I end up over-complicating it for myself and lose sight of what healthy eating really looks like somehow, whoops! If anyone has figured out how to work through this I would really appreciate hearing what you do :)

Hearing about how many people on here have gotten in shape and enjoy what they are capable of now is inspiring! Even if you don't have advice, a story or cheer would be nice to have, haha!

I hope everyone is having a good summer!