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Expanded Profile Settings

Release 2022.07.18 introduces new profile settings related to the new Complete Improvements.

Display Calorie Burn Estimates

  • “Show expanded” will always display workout calorie burn estimates expanded without having to click the eye icon
  • “Keep hidden”, which is the default, will keep burn estimates hidden until the eye icon is clicked

Workout Complete Effects

  • “Do not show pop-up” will skip the workout complete slide up / pop-up completely
  • “Show pop-up without confetti” will continue to show the slide up / pop-up, but without confetti
  • “Show pop-up with confetti”, which is the default, shows both

Please note FB Plus features like "custom trackers" cannot be entered and programs cannot be "quick completed" if the pop-up is disabled. The pop-up will always display when completing a program.