Complete and Comment Improvements

Release 2022.07.15 includes a major update to the layout for videos, articles, and recipes with the ability to mark complete right from the content itself. The comment system has also been refreshed with additional capability.  These updates are available for All Members.

Complete Improvements

  • Ability to mark complete outside of the calendar, right from the workout / article / recipe page itself
  • Brand new mark complete flow with a slider that shows program progress (if apart of a program) and the ability to complete the program directly from the workout complete flow
  • Program complete now includes quick stats for the program
  • Workouts and custom workouts can be scheduled multiple times for the same day


Complete Notes and Rules

  • Clicking on a video from the calendar or dashboard will remember the scheduled date and show it at the top of the video page
    • Items scheduled in the future cannot be completed

  • If a workout is scheduled multiple times
    • A flyout will show on the button when clicking “mark complete”
    • You can then complete each one individually

  • If the workout isn’t scheduled at all
    • You can still mark it as complete!
    • It will be added to your calendar (and completed) for “today” (in your device’s timezone)
    • Note that “today” is determined when you click / open the page (for those that leave tabs open for a looooong time)


Comment Improvements

  • New layout for comments
  • “Likes” have been expanded to include the following reactions: 👍 ❤️ 😀 🔥 🎉 😱
  • Commenting on a workout you have completed will show a “Verified workout complete” badge


Layout Updates

  • Workouts, Custom Workouts, Articles, and Recipes have a new top / header section
  • Expand / collapse content meta-data and community stats
  • Scheduling actions moved to a drop down menu
  • Burn estimates are hidden by default, but can be expanded when clicking the eye icon


Infrastructure / Bug fixes

  • Applied both framework and security updates
  • Fix a bug where some yearly auto-renew users would received a reminder renewal email when in grace period