Exercising with EDS?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes extreme flexibility, joint instability, and a host of other fun issues. I was extremely sick (like wheelchair and feeding tube sick) until recently, when I took part in an intensive outpatient program at Mayo that got me eating and walking again. I need to stay active in order to maintain my health. Is there anyone else here with EDS or other joint issues who has any particular favorite workouts? I have PT exercises that address strength and resistance training, so am primarily looking for some low-impact cardio (20-30 minutes per day) to round out my exercise routine.

More details: I particularly have difficulty with my knees and ankles and wear braces on both knees and both ankles. My wrists aren't great either, so push-ups are really hard for me and I'm probably better off avoiding them so that I don't aggravate anything (I'm a semiprofessional violinist, so wrist tendinitis is the bane of my existence). I have severe hEDS with some features of vascular. Heart is actually in really good shape according to recent testing, so no restrictions there, but joints can't handle anything too high-impact. Not looking for medical advice- I stay in constant contact with a huge number of doctors to manage my condition and have been HIGHLY encouraged to include a healthy amount of exercise in my daily routine, so I definitely have medical clearance to be here. I am definitely at a beginner level right now. Thanks!