Weekend check-in: Sunday June 12

Hey guys,

What does the ghost do at 3a on Sunday, when said ghost is having trouble sleeping? Start the check-in of course! Another “whatever you want to post” check-in! To be honest tho, isn’t that what we do anyway?!?

My agenda for today: coffee , more coffee, early 0830 church service (that’ll make me sleepy) , maybe do the recovery WO, hopefully take a nap, then I’ll head to my daughter’s (in time for dinner of course) for GK watching, cuddling and toting back and forth to day care.

It’s going to be another really hot one today 100F (37.8), so I’ll have to make sure and get all my flowers watered as I know the hubs won’t water them while I’m gone Mon and Tues. He either calls them my weeds or my dirt farm projects. 😠

WO: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/lower-body-motor-control-workout.

I’ve managed to get 64oz or more of water for 2 days! Or is it 3? Idk when I started this concentrated effort to drink more water less diet soda. What’s it supposed to be doing for me again? Besides more potty breaks? Lol.

I may not respond to each individual post today as I’ll be on the road later this afternoon. I’m thinking I might do one “post in conclusion” tonight and wrap up the weekend,

Well I’ve rambled long enough,( giving the melatonin time to work?). Talk amongst yourselves. k