2-Week FB Stress Reduction Challenge

Hello FB Community!

Candice and I are so happy to release our first challenge and FB’s first challenge related to mental health!

The FB Stress Redux Challenge was designed to help you learn and practice some stress-management strategies and tools that we hope will contribute to reducing your overall levels of stress. The reason we think it is so cool is that “success” in this program can look many different ways. Even if you still feel stressed at the end of the program (I mean, most of us are stressed a lot of the time), you will likely have gained some new ideas for how you can manage your stress, identified some of your personal strengths, or even just taken some time out of your busy days to work on self-reflection and self-awareness. These are all wins!

The challenge utilizes videos and articles to discuss various mental wellness topics related to stress reduction — plus simple, recommended tasks to help you put your learnings into action. We designed this challenge to take about 10 minutes of your day and gave you at least two unique options for each day, so you can choose what fits best for you. You will not need any equipment or anything special to be able to do these tasks.

It is important to keep in mind here that while we provided options so that you can choose what works best for you, we still want you to challenge yourself. When it comes to mental health (as with many things in life), sometimes we need a challenge and sometimes we need to do what we already know works. I encourage you to put yourself outside of your comfort zone at least once in this challenge — after all, that's how we learn and grow! 

We also offered a self-assessment that you can use at 3 timepoints throughout this challenge to determine where your stress levels are and monitor any changes throughout the program. If you don’t see numeric changes in your stress levels, I encourage you to identify other small wins from participating in the program, such as the examples mentioned above. 

FB Stress Redux features both written and video content from myself and Candice! Creating this program was so much fun and allowed us to start generating new and more creative content. I look forward to following along with this stress relief program myself and will be making it a point to take at least 10 minutes per day to do something to help with my stress moving forward. Please let us know how everything goes in the comments section of the articles and videos as well as sharing in the Community!

Well wishes on your journey!

- Haley