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New 5-Day Functional Strength & Mobility Challenge with Kayla, Doctor of Physical Therapy

2-Week Stress Reduction Challenge

2-Week Stress Reduction Challenge Under 10 min/day

7 Min/Day • 2 Weeks
  • Length: 2 Weeks
  • Avg. Duration: 7 Minutes (5-10)
  • Days per Week: 7
  • Equipment: N/A


Built by two Doctoral-level Mental Health Professionals, this two-week stress reduction challenge is intended to help participants improve their stress response. Each day, you will engage in an activity intended to help with stress management that will take about 5-10 active minutes. Each task will come with a description of what specifically to do and/or a link to follow along with a video or audio file, so please be sure to read through the descriptions thoroughly before completing the activity. 

You will have two to three unique options per day to give you some autonomy and choice in the process. For example, throughout the program, there are two days in which you are instructed to engage in relaxation techniques, and within that topic, there are two relaxation technique options. Ideally, you would try each of these once throughout the program. However, if you know one of them doesn’t work for you or that one works particularly well and needs to be repeated, there is flexibility for you to be able to do what works best for you!

Goals: The primary goal of this stress reduction challenge is to improve your stress response. We will be using data to support this process, in which participants will complete a quick ten-question survey at pre-test, one week into the challenge, and post-test. While we expect that most people will experience some positive change in stress levels, this is only one source of data. Even if your self-rated stress levels don’t change, there could be other things that do happen to indicate that this program is helping. Other indicators of success might simply include the learning of new skills, taking time out of one’s day for self-care, feeling more connected to people you care about, or engaging more frequently in self-reflection. 

How to get the most out of this program 

In order to optimize the outcomes of this program, we recommend the following:

  1. Schedule the time. It can be easy to assume 5 or 10 minutes will be available without intentionally scheduling the time. Putting an event on your calendar will significantly increase the likelihood you’ll get it done. 
  2. Engage in daily reflection on the activity. This reflection could include journaling, taking time out of your day to think about what you gained in the activity, or talking with a friend about what you did and learned. Identify which strategy (or strategies) will be most useful for you!
  3. Team up with someone else doing the challenge to chat about your experiences. This might be a friend or family member you invite to do it with you, or could be a fellow Fitness Blender Community member! Accountability groups can really help with adherence to programs like this. 

As always, be sure to share any insights, progress, or questions you have as you progress through the program! Tag #FBStressRedux


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