New FB Plus Video: Gentle Yoga: Full-Body Deep Stretch

Open, release + restore with this slow + gentle deep-stretch practice! This class is a fusion between a restorative practice and a slow flow; we will hold static, stretchy postures, but not for as long as a traditional restorative practice would. There were many requests to have a shortened version of the last Restorative practice, so while this practice isn’t necessarily “quick,” it’s definitely shorter (sorry everyone, I like to talk ;-)

Gentle Yoga: Full-Body Deep Stretch

While this practice does work through the full body, if there is a pose that your body calls for that is not included in this practice, I encourage you to follow your body’s intuition. Whether you choose to follow me throughout the entire flow, or you find yourself in your own creative flow, I invite you to hold the postures that are uncomfortable–not painful, but uncomfortable. 

I, personally, find these restorative/yin practices so much harder than power; that’s not to say power isn’t challenging for me, but I find it easier to be present when I’m exerting more physical energy, than when I’m in stillness and my hamstrings are screaming at me!

Regardless, presence in stillness is just as important as presence in movement. So I invite you to bring awareness to the stories, the judgments, the voice that pops up that says “I can’t do this; I can’t hold this posture; I don’t have time/this is a waste of time; etc.” Breathe with your resistance that comes up; you are strong enough to sit through the discomfort, and while you don’t have to entertain the stories, you don’t have to resist them either. Give your mind a single point of focus to come back to, whether that’s a word, phrase or intention that resonates with you. 

Lastly, anything your body calls for is never a waste of time; just be mindful of whether it’s your body calling, or your mind demanding something. I know it’s not always easy to differentiate between what the mind wants and what the body wants; if you get caught up in the doing and solving, forgive yourself–it’s okay. A wise friend once told me “This practice isn’t meant to be perfect; when you fall out, get back in, and approach the next challenge with openness, curiosity, and compassion towards yourself.” And to quote myself: “It’s not that deep, bro.” <3