New FB Plus Workout: 7 Movements of the Spine

I don’t know about you, but when I first wake up in the morning my mind is already 10 steps ahead of my body! This is my cue to reconnect my mind and body so that I can embrace whatever the day throws at me from a grounded place; when my mind and body are in alignment, I am clear and at peace. This might sound complicated or “far-out there,” but the great thing is that this can be super simple! Some mornings, connecting my mind and body means sitting in meditation or journaling. Other mornings, it looks like a full fiery workout or simple movements to wake up my spine **like this video right here**!

7 Movements of the Spine - Gentle Yoga to Benefit the Spine

I can’t tell you what you need to do to connect your mind and body, every person is different; what you need each morning might look and feel different as well. However, what I can offer are some physical tools that you can experiment with and even use to inspire your own creative movement (or stillness). 

This all-levels video, 7 Movements Of The Spine, is not a fiery workout. The intention of these 19 minutes is to gently move the spine in all 7 directions; find core engagement; connect the breath to the body; and hopefully find some internal stillness as a result (think moving meditation). Feel free to use this breath + movement practice when you wake up; when you need a quick movement break throughout the day; or when you want to wind down your evenings. I invite you to make this practice your own! 

I’m excited to introduce some new tools, and I hope you discover something new about yourself and/or your practice through this routine!