New FB Plus Workout: Three-Circuit Total Body Strength Workout with 2-Minute Cardio Challenges

Good Morning Everyone!

How is your week going so far?

Today’s workout release is for those of you looking for everything, all in one place. Prepare yourselves for 55 minutes of pure strength and sweat with Three-Circuit Total Body Strength Workout with 2-Minute Cardio Challenges.

If I'm being completely honest, this was one of the hardest workouts I’ve filmed to date. There was a love/hate thing going on throughout (along with lots of sweat and heavy breathing). I will say, I appreciate the fact that I gave us TWO water breaks due to the length and intensity of the workout. Much needed on my account, anyway!

The format is a fun pairing of strength circuits and HIIT cardio challenges. Each strength circuit has a focus - lower body, upper body, core - so we can effectively overload the muscles before moving on. Our cardio challenges round out the end of each strength circuit and serve as a “fun” finisher before the water breaks.

Though this is a longer workout, I loved the fact that it flew by with how much variety is included. 55 minutes is longer than my typical workout, but it kept my mind focused and always looking forward to what was next.

We have had SO much great content coming out here at FB lately. What workouts, articles, and recipes have you been loving? What would you love to see more of on FB? We’re all ears!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!