New FB Plus Workout: 46-Min Lower Body Strength and Cardio Workout

Good morning FB Family! 

In today’s workout release, we primarily focus on the lower body. Get ready to feel strong, powerful, and motivated! 

Lower Body Strength and Cardio Mini Circuit Burnout

The workout consists of five pairs (mini circuits) of strength and cardio exercises that target the leg muscles from various angles to provide you with a comprehensive lower body workout. I recommend completing this workout as a standalone routine - the sequencing, pairing, and format of the workout increase the intensity level. You will complete two rounds of strength before two rounds of cardio. Choose challenging weights (for you) during the strength intervals but pay close attention to your form as your legs start to fatigue. Your main goal during both the strength and cardio rounds is to maintain consistent movement throughout each interval. Speed is less important than quality of movement! 

I hope you enjoy the 30-second “nuggets” of work intervals! The 30 seconds of work make each interval manageable. Not easy, but manageable. I remember my legs being on fire by the end of the fifth pair of exercises and wondering why I added an AMRAP finisher to the end; however, I felt so accomplished at the end of the workout! The finisher is straightforward, which is a good thing because your legs will probably feel toasty by then. If you’re feeling sore the day after this workout, Kelli’s Workout for Sore Legs: Lower Body Recovery Workout is a great routine for loosening up your lower body muscles. 

I’ve been in planning and creating mode all week! I’ve also been testing out workout ideas for future filming and rebuilding my running stamina. As always, I can’t wait to share these creations with you! 

Remember to take your grip and postural breaks, shake it out when needed, and have fun with this workout! 

See you on the screen,