New Plus Video: 10-Minute Abs with a Foam Roll

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A foam roller is easily one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to keep in your workout space. Today, we’ll show you how it can be used in a traditional core routine: 

10-Minute Abs with a Foam Roll

We’ve shown you how to use a foam roll for stability and mobility, but strengthening may be a new one to you. In this workout, positioning is key. When positioned properly, the foam roller challenges your deep spinal stabilizers, pelvic floor, and abs to comprehensively, but efficiently, work your entire core. Add a resistance band for greater intensity, like I did in the video, or save that progression for another day. 

Can you do this without the foam roll? Absolutely. This is an excellent routine, even with modifications, that will benefit those with pelvic instability, poor functional core strength, or limited hip strength. Working through the later stages of postpartum recovery? It’s effective for you, too (you might want to skip the foam roll, though). 

The quality of your foam roller is important so be sure to check out the Write Up for more information. Personally, I prefer medium or high density foam rollers which is what you’ll see in today’s video. Despite this, I did not experience discomfort when the foam roller was placed beneath my pelvis. If I’m being honest, the only discomfort came from the workout itself! 

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