New FB Plus Workout: 25-Min Quick Half Tabata Total Body Workout with Burnout Finisher

Good morning FB Family!

Are you ready for a quick but intense workout? In today’s workout release, the traditional Tabata is chopped in half:

Quick Half Tabata Total Body Workout with Burnout Finisher

A traditional Tabata circuit is comprised of eight rounds of 20 seconds of intense work alternated with 10 seconds of rest. In this workout, you will only tackle half the amount of training, putting forth your best effort for four rounds of maximum intensity. You only have 30 seconds of rest in between each Tabata (of which there are four total), so be prepared for an elevated heartrate throughout most of the workout.

Focus on managing a consistent breathing pattern to gain control of your breath during recoveries to maintain your focus on giving it your all during each working interval. Each Tabata contains one exercise and alternates between bodyweight and weighted exercises that include plyometric and power-driven movement patterns. Pay close attention to your form as fatigue starts to settle in – slow down, reset your posture, and mentally recommit to the workout as much as needed! Review the write-up for a few tips on burpees and snatches as well as some exercise alternatives for the exercises in the finisher.

A few of my recollections of this workout:

The burpees during the second Tabata made me question why burpees even exist.

The burnout finisher finished me.

There was so much sweat in my eyes I wasn’t sure if I was looking at the camera for most of the workout. I just kind of stared in the general direction of the camera and hoped for the best.

I chose bright-colored clothing to uplift my mood. Plus, I always hope that neon colors make me appear as if I’m moving faster than I really am.

I was so happy I had foam rolled prior to the workout.

I felt like a superhero during the entire workout. (Even though superheroes would typically wear inconspicuous clothing.)

Have fun with this short workout and challenge yourself! Most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously and beware the slip-and-slide of sweat.

See you on the screen!