New FB Plus Workout: Total Body Quick Foam Rolling Workout - Extended Cool Down

Hello, everyone!

We’re sharing another quick, essential Cool Down for the entire body. If you enjoy our other foam rolling workouts but are limited on time, then we’ve got you covered. 

Total Body Quick Foam Rolling Workout - Extended Cool Down

Once you begin, the continuous flow lasts about 10 minutes and gradually lowers that exercise heart rate. Remember the principles of foam rolling: slow, purposeful, and thorough. Roll with purpose and intention as this is the most effective method of foam rolling. I also answer a common question in the Write-Up - To Roll or Not To Roll: The Low Back - so be sure to check that out!

On a 0-10 Detest Scale, where do you stand on foam rolling workouts? Admittedly, I’m probably close to a 7.75/10, but that’s mainly due to inconsistency and an embarrassingly low tolerance level to muscle tenderness. We could all take a few notes from Kelli who uses foam rolling to address mobility, pain levels, muscle tension, healing, and recovery multiple times per week. My mission is to foam roll while I binge watch TV shows - destress for my brain and body, win/win! 

Signing off for now, but looking forward to catching you on screen. Happy rolling!