New FB Plus Workout: 25-Min Cardio on the Minute Strength Circuits with Push-Ups Finisher

Good morning FB Family!

If you’re looking for a challenging but straightforward workout, then you will most definitely enjoy today’s workout release:

Cardio on the Minute Strength Circuits with Push-ups Match or Beat Finisher

This quick routine is under 30 minutes and super efficient! You only have two main circuits of work, during which you will alternate between two strength exercises until you reach the top of each minute of the interval. At the top of each minute, you will complete a prescribed number of reps of a cardio exercise. The combination of continuous strength training with small bursts of plyometric cardio keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the three-minute long working interval. Therefore, you will complete a lot of work and put forth a high effort in a compact amount of time!

There are burpees and push-ups in this workout – consider the burpee and push-ups variation options that work best for you prior to starting the workout to set yourself up for success. You can always alternate between options and choose your versions based on how you feel on the day you plan on completing this workout.

I had a ton of fun filming this routine, because I used to teach longer versions of this format in a group fitness setting and the facial expressions given during the workout were comical/threatening but the ones at the end were always triumphant.

I hope you make all the faces during the workout but smile with a proud sense of accomplishment at the end. Let us know if you like this workout format! If so, I’ll start planning a longer version! (We all know I’ve already started brainstorming a longer version.)

See you on the screen!