New Plus Workout: Lower Body Strength + Sweaty Cardio Burnout

Good morning! I hope you're ready for a new week. We've got a fun and challenging workout to get your day started off on the right foot:

Lower Body Strength with Step + Sweaty Cardio Burnout (48 Minutes)

All you need for this workout is an optional set of dumbbells and a step - I've provided alternate exercises each time we use the step, and you can still get in a great workout without any equipment at all.

This workout is a sweaty one! It's both a muscular and cardiovascular challenge, with back to back strength sets that use both isolation strength moves to target one side at a time, and exercises that have both feet on the ground (great for heavy lifting). There are a handful of all-out cardio intervals that make for a great burnout round at the end. This one reminded me a lot of some of my old school lower body workouts, and I hope you enjoy it.

You'll find this workout as 1/2 of your choices on the last day of the new Fit 30 program. You can tackle this new workout today, or save it so it's new once you reach that last day of the program. I have Day 10 scheduled later today myself - how are my long distance working buddies doing so far?

I have some very gentle content that I've been working on - one is called "cardio workouts for days when you don't wanna" - pretty self explanatory and nice on days where you don't feel up to something intense. Today I'll be editing a new balance workout, with moves that helped me regain a sense of balance after I had to rebuild a strong foundation. I saw a great post in the forums this morning asking for more midrange cardio workouts and I'm sharing that with our team as soon as I hit publish on this post! We're all eager to hear your ideas and do the best we can to deliver, so keep telling us what you would like us to cover next.

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I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for working out with us.