New FB Plus Workout: 20-Min Quick Lower Body Bodyweight AMRAP with EMOM Workout

Good morning FB Family!

Happy Friday! Today’s workout release is quick and to the point:

Quick Lower Body Bodyweight AMRAP with EMOM Burnout Finisher

Despite its short length, this workout still packs a punch! You can tack this routine onto a strength or cardio workout as a lower body burnout or use it as a standalone routine for busy days when you’re on a time crunch (or simply just don’t want to complete a long workout). All the exercises are straightforward, and no equipment is needed; however, you can still test your limits with the AMRAP and EMOM structure of the workout.

For the AMRAP you will complete “as many rounds as possible” of a four-exercise circuit, four reps per exercise. The second circuit is a four-minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) during which you will try to complete 20 reps of an exercise before each minute ends, aiming to match or increase your rest time during each minute-long interval. The AMRAP and EMOM structures allow you to determine just how hard you want to push yourself during the workout. Slow your cadence during the AMRAP and/or reduce your rep goal during the EMOM to decrease the intensity of the routine.

I loved filming this routine! For me, it was just what I needed on that particular day of filming. Right now, what I’m needing is a little more planning time than filming time. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, so I’ve been focusing on organizing my thoughts and reviewing the content I have already created before I resume filming next week. I find that it’s super healthy for me to press pause and reset every now and then to not only ensure quality work but give my mind and body a break from the norm. A little break from the norm is so rejuvenating!

I hope you enjoy this workout! Maybe it’ll be your own little break from the norm.

See you on the screen!