New Plus Video: Unconventional Upper Body Extended Warm-Up

Hi, Blendiez!

I am borrowing this name from one of the Community Posts and adopting it from now on. It seems to capture the personable and friendly vibes of the Community, and I’m totally here for it! Speaking of our amazing Community, here’s another requested workout:

Unconventional Upper Body Extended Warm-Up

I snuck in the word “Unconventional” since this short routine introduces how you can warm up using a mobility stick. If you’re unfamiliar with mobility stick workouts, then you’re not alone. They have been around for ages, but many are unaware of the ways in which mobility sticks enhance mobility, range of motion, and flexibility.

Ready to pass on this workout since you don’t have a mobility stick? Before you do, check around for these common household items that are an ideal substitute: curtain rod, broom handle, cane, or long-handled umbrella.

On a personal note, I began using mobility sticks 1-2x per week with notable improvements in upper-to-mid spine flexibility, shoulder range of motion, and core activation. I highlight these areas during the warm-up so that you can reap the benefits, too.

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