New FB Plus Workout: 45-Min Core Balance and Strength Circuits with Cardio HIIT

Good morning FB Family!

Today’s workout release is challenging in all the fun ways! We’ve got a little bit of balance work, HIIT, athletic-inspired movements, and me almost falling over a couple times (per usual).

Core Balance and Strength Circuits with Three Round Match or Beat Cardio HIIT

In this routine, you will alternate between slow, controlled core-focused movement patterns and quick, explosive power-driven cardio exercises. Each exercise in the HIIT circuits has a total body focus, requiring you to rely on your core for safe and efficient movement. The match or beat format is a fun way to encourage self-competition while ensuring equally intense efforts across work intervals.

The difficulty of the workout progresses with each circuit, finishing with a short one-minute combination core/cardio circuit that Jonathan made me complete twice (even though I only intended to go through the finisher once – his fault, not mine). Treat the first core circuit as an extension of the warm-up and note how your balance/coordination improves for subsequent circuits with this additional core activation.

Note that this is a high-level workout. Modifications are included; however, I mostly demo the more advanced versions of each exercise in the video. Preview the workout and read the write-up to familiarize yourself with any exercises for which you might want alternatives!

If you’re looking for additional warm-up options for this workout, tack on Amanda’s Total Body Warm-Up for Any Workout. I flowed through Amanda’s routine a few days ago before one of my own workouts, because I was stiffer than usual and in need of an extended warm-up to loosen up my muscles. It was just what I needed that day and her welcoming personality put me in such a positive mindset to tackle my workout.

Right now, I’m working on my filming schedule for the next few weeks – any guesses as to which workouts are on this schedule? Better yet…which workouts should be on this schedule?

Anyways, I hope you have fun with today’s workout release! Feel free to blame Jonathan for any and everything, not just the finisher.

See you on the screen!