New FB Plus Video: Prenatal Functional Pelvic Strengthening to Prep for Parenthood

Hey, FB family!

A special shoutout to those who are pregnant and looking for workout options - you’re a true MVP. We want to support you through this incredible journey, so today’s workout is for you: 

Prenatal Functional Pelvic Strengthening to Prep for Parenthood

We get it - pregnancy is not always sunshine and rainbows. So grab your workout gear and get rid of some of that stress with a functional routine that’s designed for you. Admittedly, pelvic floor strengthening isn’t the most glamorous thing to do, but focusing on it now prepares you for what comes next, either later in pregnancy or beyond. 

In this routine, we emphasize pelvic floor and core retraining alongside functional movements (push, pull, press, etc.,). Many times, the classic example of being unable to hold your bladder while bending down can be prevented, but it’s important to start now. 

I wholeheartedly regret my poor exercise habits during pregnancy and truly believe that it drove my issues with pelvic alignment. However, I am hopeful that you will not repeat my mistake and, instead, be the strongest (both mentally and physically) that you can be. We wish you luck during this process and can’t wait to hear about it!