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Bug fixes and New Player Pause Debug Page

Release 2022.03.09 includes bug fixes and a new page to assist in troubleshooting users that experience FB Plus player video pauses.

  • Created the ability for FB Plus users with a FB Plus Pass to schedule programs directly from the program page when clicking the Workout Programs main navigation/menu item. Note that you can always schedule from the My Programs page as well.
  • Introduced a new FB Plus Player debug page to help users troubleshoot the video pausing or buffering after a few minutes of playing (must be logged into your FB Plus account to see this page).

Player Troubleshooting

If you experience pausing or buffering, we have a new page to help troubleshoot the issue. Currently, we have been unable to replicate here at FB nor has our ads free player partner. We created six different video players with different features enabled / disabled to see if any specific player feature is causing the issue.

The recommendation is to try going through each player as you do workouts (over time) and see which player causes pauses.

If you experience a pause, please follow the on-page instructions to send us the log files.

Before starting, double check the FB Plus player browser and casting support page to make sure your device and setup is supported and review the player FAQs. Then try disabling (or whitelisting the FB site) on any security plugins, ad-blockers, VPN, or other browser extensions you may have as we have seen those cause issues with the player in the past.