New Plus Workout: Standing Abs, Plank & Core Workout - No Equipment

Good morning!

Today’s new workout makes for a great add-on to a longer workout as a burnout round, and it also makes for a great standalone workout — just make sure that you add a warm up before you start, and a cool down before you’re finished:

Standing Abs, Plank, and Core Workout - No Equipment Abs Workout

This is a quick succession of a wide variety of exercises (no repeats) that target the core in different ways, via standing exercises, planks and twists on traditional core moves. You won’t need any equipment at all for this workout, though you can always use a dumbbell or weight to step up the challenge of any of these otherwise bodyweight core exercises.

Loki joins me for this one and contributes with his gentle snoring off and on throughout lol

I highly recommend putting on some clothes that you feel comfortable in, turning on some music that makes you feel good and like you want to move, and doing the best you can to enjoy your personal time in the form of a workout. Do everything you can to make your workout sessions a pleasant experience for yourself; make it enjoyable! So that it’s something that you look forward to coming back to. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is create a positive association with something that’s good for our health.

Are you working out today? What are you focusing on? I’ll be tackling Day 3 of FB Fit 30 later this afternoon - so far I’ve got my eye on the shorter workout option but we’ll see how I feel once I get to that part of my day.

I’m now full swing into planning and preparing for our 2022 fruit and veggie garden. I have to keep moving and make sure I’m saving time for my workouts - I have to keep up with my self care routine or I won’t be able to do this thing that I love, pain free. Daniel’s eyes have started to slightly bug out as more and more countertops have been taken over by little sprouts, getting a growth jumpstart in the warmth of the house. They are so cute. I’ll leave a picture in the comments of my little seedings.

I’m also excited because all through this winter I’ve been growing tomatoes and peppers in the house. I wasn’t sure that it would work but now they have flowers, and may be producing food pretty soon. I love growing things. It’s like moving meditation for me - it’s my favorite flow state. Are you starting a garden or growing any of your own food or flowers this year? Remember just like with working out, it doesn’t have to be much, or a big extravagant ordeal, in order to benefit you. Even a single pot with a seed in it is going to be fun to watch and lightly tending to something outside of ourselves is healthy. Okay I’ll stop preaching to you about gardening (but seriously, go put a seed in some dirt).

I hope that you’re all doing what you can to take good care of yourselves. Good luck with your workouts, have a good day!