NEW Free Workout! 10 or 15 Minute Total Body Express Workout

Hello Everyone,

You all have been showing up for the video requests and I have a lot of videos planned out for you that cover those requests but this is not one of them. Haha. I have been feeling pretty stressed with work and life and not working out like I should since I have been feeling like I just don’t have the 30+ minutes in my day to dedicate to a workout. Which first is ridiculous because I easily have time each day, I am just making excuses and honestly I am just being lazy. So, I decided to make a no excuses workout for myself that I thought you would enjoy as well.

Express Total Body Workout - 10 or 15 Minutes You Choose

The title is pretty self explanatory, this workout can be done (with an included mini warm up and cool down) in as little as 10 Minutes. It also has an option to double the workout section length so the entire work takes 15 minutes for those days where you are pressed for time but have a little extra. I originally called this the “Better Than Nothing Workout” as I have tried to get as close to a comprehensive total body workout as I could with such a short routine and makes it easy to attain so it is so easy that it really is better than nothing.

On another note, Kelli wanted a number of fruit trees for her birthday back in 2020 and though we got most of them planted in early spring of 2021 there was a specific type of fruit tree that was sold out at the time. So, after a year of waiting and putting in an early order to make sure we got them this year, 3 Green Gage Plum trees showed up at our house yesterday, exactly one year to the day that we planted all the rest of the fruit trees Kelli and I wanted. So, now I guess you could say “Orchard Complete”. Haha.

Also don’t forget we have 4 big items going right now. We just published a new 4 week program, a Meal Plan Beta using our new meal plan system, and there is a sale on both FB Plus Subscriptions and Plus Passes.

New program FB Fit30
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Hope everyone had a great week.