Community Contest - Win a free program :)


Your answer to this question in the comments below (in this same thread) counts as your entry;

** What would you say is the most important thing that you have gained from working out and/or eating healthily? Bonus question; if you had to guess, how many FB Workout Complete screens do you think you've seen at this point? **

VOTE as many times as you like, vote for your own answer if you like, and for any and all of the responses that you like; read each other's stories & give a thumbs up for support 😃. The answer with the most upvotes gets a free FB Workout Program of their choice OR a copy of our newest 4 Week Meal Plan. We'll pick a runner up winner, as well. Contest ends tomorrow morning; Thursday 10AM PST.

Thanks for participating! If you enjoy this, let us know! It might be something we can do more often here in our forums. Good luck & can't wait to read your responses!