New FB Plus Workout: 36-Min Strength Circuits with Ladder-Up

Good morning FB Family!

If you’re in the mood for a strictly strength workout, then today’s workout release will be a joy for you:

Straightforward Strength Circuits with Ladder-Up Finisher

In this straightforward strength workout, you will target the lower and upper body in two separate circuits. No worries, your core is included as well – you will engage your core throughout the workout to ensure proper form and movement execution. This workout is perfect for days during which you need a relatively short total body strength workout, but if you have at least an hour’s time, you can extend your workout efforts by adding a third round to each circuit. The finisher combines both lower and upper body exercises completed during the workout in ladder-up style to provide you with the ultimate final push of the workout. I mention heavy and medium weights in the video intro, but I would also include your light weight selections as well.

Lately, I’ve been fighting a gnarly sinus infection and most of my focus has been on recovery, rest, and nourishing foods. I truly can’t wait to get back to creating and filming for you all! But I know that health comes first. Maybe, just maybe you’ll see a few less intense workouts from me when I start easing my way back into filming. I make no promises, haha.

I also can’t wait to catch up on all the recent FB articles, workouts, and recipe releases! Where should I start? What articles are you reading and what kinds of workouts are you enjoying right now? Cooking? So many questions.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this workout! Make sure to peek at the write-up for a few reasons why strength training is such an important part of your workout regimen and let us know which one resonates most with you.

Have fun and I’ll see you on the screen again soon!