New Plus Workout: No-Impact Wellness Routine for Sciatic-Like Pain

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Today’s workout reiterates the importance of adopting the mantra, “Health Is Wealth.” Check it out here:

No-Impact Wellness Routine for Sciatic-Like Pain

The best way to manifest this mantra is to guard against future health issues that are, in my opinion, largely preventable. This process is known as Prehab, or preventative rehabilitation. Prehab is all about taking well-researched and proven exercise principles that we use in the clinic all the time and applying it to your everyday life. Most importantly, prehab is a legit way to reduce ailments that affect the way we move, making it one of the most practical ways to prevent and reduce injury.

I chose to start this year with a workout focused on sciatica, a symptom that commonly affects people with low back pain. Sciatica can cause sharp, stabbing, or shooting pain down one leg and make moving around extremely difficult. Remember, sciatica is a symptom, which means that something else is causing the problem to occur.

Whether you’ve experienced sciatica in the past or working through some issues now, this workout is created for you. Take your time as you transition to each movement, and avoid rushing through the workout. You’ll perform all of the moves on the exercise mat, which is intentional to lessen nerve irritation during large body movements. I even include a new exercise, nerve flossing, and share interesting tidbits about the Sciatic nerve.

Here’s to your health, wellness, and efficient movement in 2022. Happy flossing!