New FB Plus Workout: Lower Body and Core HIIT with Burpee Finisher

Hi there, Blenders!

I want to take a moment to do a happy dance and celebrate the release of my first difficulty level 4 workout! This is the first HIIT routine that I have felt comfortable enough to film, and I’m super excited to make you suffer, I mean sweat, alongside me.

Lower Body and Core HIIT with Burpee Finisher

What makes this Level 4 workout a cause for celebration? First, it’s pretty dang tough. If the first three circuits don’t get you, then the burpee finisher certainly will. My energy level was pretty much gone by the second round of burpees, and I was basically relying on mental stamina to get me through. Secondly, it’s totally scalable to meet your body’s needs. Need to ramp up the intensity? Try to make one or two circuits into an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) round. You can also lower the impact/intensity by taking some of the modifications that are mentioned throughout the workout.

Lastly, the routine incorporates resistance bands which we know to be a FB-community favorite. In this video, I am using a thick booty band (light resistance), but feel free to use any type of band that you have at home.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and how you fared during the burpee finisher. Happy burpee-ing!

- Kayla