New FB Plus Workout: Quick Foam Roller Core Stability Routine

Hi FB Family!

I am pleased to introduce my first foam roller workout! In general, I like core workouts, but a core workout on a foam roller is a great challenge. 

Quick Foam Roller Core Stability Routine

Recently, I have been focusing on increasing my leg and arm strength and upping my cardio by running in my neighborhood. However, after a few weeks, I realized that I was not focusing on my core as much as I should have been. 

You have heard me say it before, but our core is the foundation from which we move. That said, it's crucial for me to do a few core workouts a week because that is how I best manage my low back and hip pain and help protect my knees from the impact of running. I am hoping you find this workout as beneficial and as fun as I do.  

And since you already have your foam roller out, give Kelli's Foam Rolling Workout for the Lower Body - Foam Roller Routine a try. What a great way to cool down following a core workout! 

Here are a few examples of how I might work this routine in my weekly workouts:

  • After a 20-30 minute run.
  • Before Kelli's routine mentioned above
  • On a "low energy" or rest day

I hope you enjoy this routine. As always, thanks so much for working out with me!