New FB Plus Workout: Essential Total Body Moves to Enhance Running Form

Hi Blender Family,

We’re putting a new twist on today’s workout release and sharing five, total-body strengthening moves that will challenge your stability and coordination. If you’re a runner and looking to improve your form and running technique, then this workout is designed specifically for you. 

Essential Total Body Moves to Enhance Running Form

Workouts that serve to stabilize and strengthen are sometimes neglected by runners, who mistakenly believe that they are already working out hard enough. However, strength training and stability work plays a valuable role in your training and should not be overlooked. With the right workout, you can achieve both goals AND enhance your running form, too. 

While it’s true that you can stick to your usual functional movements; e.g., squat, hinge, or lunge, adding stabilization is critical since the core and hips must be able to stabilize the body and resist fatigue as you run. Another reason to add it to your running program is better movement patterns and motor control.

I did not include a Warm-Up or Cooldown so make sure your muscles are fully activated before diving in. I filmed this after doing Nicole’s Low-Impact Bodyweight Cardio Intervals and thought it was a pretty decent pairing. 

Runners - what did you think of this workout? Let us know what other mobility/stability sequences would work well for you in the comments below. 

- Kayla