Hidden Gem of the Week - Burpee Madness - good, tortourous fun!

Well, as a glutton for punishment after waking up earlier than planned and having more time for working out than usual, along w/ Strong, R2's core day, decided to add a bit of tortourous core-working fun to the mix! ;)

This hidden gem, "Burpee Madness! Fitness Blender 100 Burpees Workout Challenge" - is actually 110 burpees total, since 10 x 10 isn't 100 when 10 of them are actually 20 burpees, done w/ 10 on each side - so sneaky, lol! ;)

Not usually a fan of burpees, this workout was surprisingly interesting and not anywhere nearly as tortourous as anticipated!

Each set of 10 burpees was a different style, some of which actually made burpees feel almost easy, like Squat Hold Burpees and Frog Hop Burpees (so fun, and not yet seen in other completed FB workouts), and of course, ending w/ Quiet Burpees instead of some crazy hard burpee version was a nice cherry on top to end the workout. :)

Being reps-based HIIT instead of strictly time-based was a very nice change, giving that extra incentive to increase the speed and earn more rest time, which increases the HR more quickly for more time in the 80-95% HR zone for high intensity.

Not having a progress bar, it was easy to forgot how many Burpees were already done and how many were yet to go, but that was probably a good thing, especially in the first half! ;)

Overall, surprisingly this ended up on the favorites list - it gets the HR up very nicely, very quickly and is an especially good HIIT to complement core-focused workouts.

Even if you don't enjoy Burpees, this one is a great HIIT routine which for really HIIT-crazy Blenders can always be done twice through as 2 rounds for twice the tortourous fun in a total of 20 minutes or less! :)


Speaking of 100 rep challenges, what about a Bear Crawls variations 100 rep burnout challenge from @Tasha? Hint, hint! ;)

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)