Burpee Madness! Fitness Blender 100 Burpees Workout Challenge


Calorie burn:

88 to 154





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Burpees are one of the best total body exercises out there - arguably, the very best in terms of muscle groups used and calories burned. While they make many people cringe and most avoid the exercise like the plague, it’s also become a badge of honor, of sorts, to be able to claim that you “love burpees”. This 100 Burpee Workout is for those brave and boastful souls who are not afraid of the 100% effort that this awesome total body exercise requires.

Considering the relatively brutal nature of burpees, and the number of repetitions in this workout, this routine is really not all that bad. You will definitely break a sweat, but you’re not going to feel totally wiped out by the time you are done. In fact, we’re even relatively nice to you in this routine; we go very easy on you with the tenth and last set by doing 10 reps of our “Quiet Burpees” so that you can start slowing down your pounding heart before you move onto one of our cool down and stretching videos.

Workout Structure
There is no warm up or cool down included in this video. We jump right into a 100 Burpee Workout; there are ten different variations and we will do ten repetitions of each. We are kind to you in that we give you a whole 25 seconds rest in between sets of 10 so that you can give your full blown effort to each rep. If this feels like too long of a rest to you, by all means you are welcome to step up the challenge by jogging in place during the rest intervals, or even doing something as high impact as high knees, or, extra burpees. On the flipside, you can always hit pause for a longer rest if you feel like you need it.

How to use this Fitness Blender Burpee Workout
Use this as a quick pick me up and to get your metabolism reeling, or tack it onto a longer cardio session, or, a strength training routine for either the upper or lower body.

How many calories does this burn?
We estimate that this high impact interval training workout video burns 8-14 calories per minute. There are many variables that go into a caloric expenditure estimate, arguably one of the most important ones being the level of effort that you put into the routine; make sure that you push yourself as best as you can in order to be at the upper end of that estimate.

How often should I do this routine?
HIIT workouts should not be done more than four times a week as the body needs time to repair itself after such an intense effort. You can combine this with our strength training routines or do them on opposite days if you would like to workout more often than four times per week. Remember, if you want the best combination of our workout videos, your most ideal option is to check out our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs where we have laid everything out in the best order for quick and safe results.



01/16/15 9:31am



12/12/14 9:55pm

This video stops playing for me 15 seconds in. Is there a reason I'm getting an error message?


11/14/14 9:08am

I did this following "Best Butt Workout" OUCH


10/08/14 7:28am

Good one!


08/05/14 11:58pm

You had me until those dang heel slaps.


04/19/14 2:10pm

Hi, my name is Ariel, and I love burpees. True story. I think I am addicted. Great workout.


12/31/13 1:58pm

Very Brutal workout!!! Definetely gasping for air!! But worth it!! Got to focus on my breathing more.


12/16/13 11:03am

Oh wow, Kelly you are A BEAST! (in the most flattering way possible that is XD)


07/03/13 12:17pm

As a beginner (Fat Loss WO#9), this workout is so difficult that it is practically impossible to maintain proper form (as you struggle to breathe and your muscles are burning, even when taking extra-rest periods). I still managed to complete the 100 reps, but I don't feel proud... Maybe my lack of core strength is to blame. It seemed to take ages to complete and I just wanted to get it over with, it is the first time it happens with a Fitness Blender's video. It is official, I hate burpees!


08/07/13 5:38am

you will start to feel incredible when you start to improve your cardiovascular and you should all these burpee forms on your own, so there is no pressure on time. You should always feel happy that you completed a workout. Lastly, breathing is key! It will open up your lungs and you won't be panting as much, I recommend doing their Pilates videos as well to really focus on your breathing and get that mastered. It is crucial! good luck xx


06/27/13 5:44am

Wow! This workout is brutal...I regularly do the 18-25 min HIIT workouts here but I couldn't keep up!


06/01/13 11:11am

i love to hate burpees : x


06/01/13 11:11am

i hate to love burpees *** whoops!!! hehe :D


05/21/13 10:26am

Who on earth invented burpees? I absolutely hate them! I've managed to finish the workout but I am pretty sure I haven't done 100. Ops :) Again well done Kelli you are super fitness woman.


03/17/13 8:48pm

That was so much fun! I've always hated burpees, but this routine made them enjoyable (almost haha). This routine is great after a light cardio+strength workout. Thanks again!


03/13/13 10:42am

Love this one!

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