New Free Workout: 47 Minute Lower Body Strength & HIIT Workout

Good morning!

I've got a new workout for you, this is a sweaty one: 47 MInute Lower Body Strength & HIIT Workout with Dumbbells, Step, and Resistance Band

This workout truly has a little bit of everything—a short HIIT session, strength training, resistance band work, and more. I loved this workout and I hope you will too!

Here’s the lineup for today’s workout:
- 8 Minute Resistance Band Strength Workout
- 5 Minute Bored Easily Style HIIT
- 17 Minutes Pure Strength Workout (using Step & Dumbbells)
- Warm Up & Cool Down Included

Equipment: Optional Dumbbells, Resistance Band, and Step or Stair. You can improvise or modify the exercises so that you don't need any of these things, but please make sure you find safe replacements!

How many of you are starting into the new FB Strong (Round 2) today? How many of you already have the first day or two finished? I did Day one yesterday and wow are my legs sore today. Looking forward to matching my soreness through the upper body, by tackling Day two later today.

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I hope that your 2022 is off to a good start. We have a lot of new content and features that we're working hard on that will be making its way to you soon - including Meal Plan Challenges through Plus (!!). As always, never hesitate to share feedback and let us know what kinds of features & content you would like to see more of!

Thank you for working out with us,


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