New FB Plus Challenge and Workout Release!

Good morning FB Family!

Welcome to December! We have two new releases for you today, a challenge and a workout. After seeing that many of you were putting together your own “Tasha-only” routines I figured I’d join the fun and create a challenge for you with mostly my workouts, from my perspective of what would be challenging and engaging:

2-Week FB Full Fusion Challenge

The 2-Week FB Full Fusion Challenge is an action-packed, total body focused endeavor with training styles ranging from HIIT to combination strength training. Workouts average 34 minutes a day with a variety of intensity levels and training modalities. All you need is a set of medium and heavy weights, a mat, and a positive attitude! Your main goal is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone (safely of course) and enjoy the process along the way.

Just a reminder: Even if you aren’t an FB Plus member, you can gain access to this challenge (and the many other FB Plus Challenges as well) by purchasing one month of FB Plus at a time. You do not have to enroll in a monthly subscription and can make access to FB Plus work for you, one month at a time!

As for the workout release, you will be working with “the classics” in this straightforward but challenging workout:

Total Body Strength Circuit with Cardio Rounds and Bodyweight Core Intermission

None of the exercises are complicated. Sequencing and formatting are what make this relatively quick workout an efficient strength, cardio, and core workout for time-crunched days. Review the workout write-up for a close look at how you will proceed through the workout, particularly noting the timing of how you alternate between strength and cardio exercises during the Strength/Cardio Circuit. The Core Intermission is good times – I promise. After all, there are no Hollow Man variations.

I am so excited to share these releases with you today! As always, check in with yourself often and make adjustments to your workouts, training schedule, and recovery routines as needed. Challenge yourself but try to focus on enjoying the process of moving your body!

See you on the screen,