New FB Plus Workout: 30-Min Non-Impact Core with Active Recovery Cardio Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

We have a new workout release for you, and I absolutely loved filming this one! I am not always the best at recovery workouts, so I thoroughly enjoyed getting to create something for all of us to use between rigorous workouts:

Non-Impact Core with Active Recovery Cardio Circuits

This workout follows a similar structure to the Quick Non-Impact Core Stand-Alone or Finisher Circuits workout, starting with a core activation sequence to ensure proper engagement of the core muscles. The Active Recovery Cardio Circuits make this workout a prime choice for training on days when your focus is on getting your heart rate up with restorative movement. The cardio exercises in this workout are the equivalent of a runner choosing to go on a steady-pace, slow jog on a day between intense running efforts.

Despite the lesser intensity of the cardio exercises in this workout, you will still put forth noticeable effort during the Core Circuits. Make sure to read the write-up for my recommendations on how to include this workout in your weekly training regimen as well as some of the benefits of active recovery style workouts.

If you’re like me and always need a little extra stretching/recovery for your lower body, Kelli’s 10 Minute Lower Body Stretch with Yoga Strap or Towel routine is a great addition to this workout and keeps you in active recovery mode. Prioritize your recovery just as much as you prioritize your workouts and watch your performance improve over time!

Right now, it’s quite chilly where I live so I’ve pulled all my socks, blankets, and sweatshirts out of storage. Side note: I have Raynaud’s so my fingers, toes, ears, and nose (and even my kneecaps) are pretty much always cold, especially in the fall and winter. Before I start filming, I wear jumbo-sized, thick socks to warm my feet or wrap them in a mini electric blanket so that they’re ready to go when I press record. So I’m that person who really loves getting socks or gloves for Christmas, because I really really need them, haha. I want to know, is it cold where you live right now? If so, how do you like to stay warm?

I hope you enjoy this workout! I’ve been working on a variety of low/non-impact workouts so stay tuned.

See you on the screen!