New Plus Workout: Effective Strengthening Moves for Healthy Shoulder Blades

Happy Thursday, FB Community!

I love bringing these types of workouts to you on a weekly basis - maybe we should dub these release days “Technique Thursdays” since I am such a fan of alliterations. This workout is intended to complement Amanda’s recent release, Shoulder and Neck Stability Routine, and target one of the prime movers of the shoulder blade, the Serratus Anterior.

Effective Strengthening Moves for Healthy Shoulder Blades

Why should you care about having healthy shoulder blades? Well, for one thing, healthy movement of the shoulder blades equals proper shoulder joint motion. Secondly, strengthening the muscles that control your shoulder blades can prevent compensation by other muscles (looking at you, Upper Trap), pain, or injury. It’s no secret that weak stabilizing muscles at the shoulder blade can trigger headaches, neck problems, or even mid-to-low back pain.

While this workout is not a complete upper body routine, I purposefully kept it short and sweet in hopes that you might incorporate it into an existing workout. Stabilization exercises may not be the most exciting to complete, but they certainly can do wonders for injury prevention and whole-body wellness.

When it comes to whole-body wellness, I frequently turn to our latest Expert Articles, especially those on mental health. If you saw my latest Community Post, then you might understand why I deeply resonate with Candice’s recommendations in her article, Managing Your Inner Critic Through Self-Compassion. I attempted to apply the N.I.C.E. method towards my parenting/career beliefs and came to some insightful conclusions. Please check out her article and consider trying this out for yourself!

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