New FB Plus Workout: Thoracic Mobility for Desk Posture

Hello, FB Family!

Today’s release is the workout that you didn’t know you needed. In fact, you might have even scrolled right past it in the Library, but here’s why this workout should be next on your list.

Thoracic Mobility for Desk Posture

The mid-spine (also known as the thoracic spine) connects the upper and lower parts of the spinal column. Because of something known as the kinetic chain, it is generally understood that problems in one part of the chain (like the neck or low back) can potentially affect its neighbors. Therefore, drawing our attention to the thoracic spine is absolutely necessary for the health of our entire spinal column.

In fact, Kelli and Daniel loved the idea so much that this workout is included in the newest Plus Challenge, 2 Week Simply Stretching. Our goal for this Challenge is to take it down a notch, both mentally and physically, to help you build a strong foundation.

Those who spend long hours in front of a desk will really benefit from these movements that open the chest area and encourage mobility throughout the mid-back region. Be sure to check this guide to setting up your workstation and workplace ergonomics, too. This workout also pairs well with Daniel’s Desk Stretching Workout and my collaboration with Kelli to Fight Off Tech Neck.

Are you new to some of my workouts? If so, welcome! I am looking forward to hearing about your mobility journey, and how this workout contributed to it. Please know that my pace is a little different from some of Daniel, Kelli, and Tasha’s videos so feel free to hit the “Pause” button to ensure you are getting the most out of your efforts.

Thank you for working out with me, and let me know what we should create next!