New Plus Challenge: 2 Week Simply Stretching Workout Plan

Good morning FB Family!

How are we doing this Friday? I'm excited to share this new 2 Week Challenge with you, all of the stretches are a real treat:

Simply Stretch Challenge - Two Week Stretching Workout Plan

Our Simply Stretch Challenge focuses on purely stretching. This Challenge is all about feeling good and taking it down a notch, mentally and physically. These follow along videos are great for improving posture, mobility, flexibility, and building a solid foundation - all with a relaxing, easy-on-the-body blend of various stretching routines. The stretching combinations are also excellent for increasing mind-body awareness and control over your own body.

FB Stretch workouts are 5 days a week (with an optional 6th day), with an average workout time per day of 23 minutes (with workouts ranging between 16-35 minutes). The FB Stretch Challenge is low impact, suitable for most fitness levels, and gentle enough to combine with any other Fitness Blender program or challenge - to improve flexibility, mobility, and the mind-body connection.

This is our 20th FB Plus Challenge, which means that Plus now comes with 44 weeks of exclusive programming that you can layer, stop and start in any order or pace that you wish. View all Plus Challenges here

I'm finishing breakfast and getting ready to film a new workout this morning - I've got a highly scaleable cardio workout planned that can be used to either work up a great sweat, or get in some smart, moderate movement on an active rest day.

I hope you all have a great day and that you have a relaxing weekend ahead!


PS I'm including a snapshot of my September in the comments, if you're interested :)