New FB Plus Workout: 19-Min Relaxing Stretches for an Extended Cool-Down or Stiff Muscle Day

Good morning FB Family!

I hope all is well with everyone as we quickly roll through this first full week of October. The weather where I am is still pretty sticky with humidity, but I have high hopes for some crisp temperatures really soon. We have yet another new workout/routine for you this morning:

Relaxing Stretches for an Extended Cool-Down or Stiff Muscle Day

This video is my first stretching routine on the Fitness Blender site and is a part of the 2 Week Simply Stretch Challenge this month! This short, free flowing stretching routine showcases some of my favorite cool-down stretches included in my workouts so far. I love to do these stretches when I’m feeling too stiff to safely complete a more rigorous workout or I just need a little extra movement added to a cool-down I’ve already completed. Take some time to read the write-up for a little bit of background information on my own experiences with growing to love stretching and recovery workouts.

I filmed this routine at the end of a week during which I was sick (and incapacitated, haha). By filming day, I felt a lot stronger and way more clear-headed than at the start of the week, but I knew that I still needed to give my body an easy transition back into movement instead of jolting it back into action. Flowing through these stretches was just what I needed that day.

Right now, I’m working on filming several “Part II” workouts as well as brainstorming a few different formats. I’m also thinking through some of my personal fitness and mental goals for 2022. I know we still have time left in 2021, but I love preparation before hitting the ground running. Are any of you like this? Are you laying the groundwork for any goals in 2022?

I hope you enjoy this super straightforward routine as a part of the Challenge or on a random day when you need it! Let us know if you enjoy “Super Calm Tasha.”

See you on the screen,