New Plus Workout: 50 Min Lower Body Strength & HIIT Cardio Bursts With Dumbbells & Step

Good morning FB Family,

How is everyone this morning? I've got a new workout for you that is my favorite that I've filmed in a while, and it was a workout that almost didn't happen! Is it just me, or do those almost-skipped workouts often end up being some of the most satisfying?

This is a sweaty strength training workout that uses dumbbells and a step or stair to thoroughly challenge the lower body. You’ll find lots of opportunities for heavy lifting, isolation strength work, HIIT-style cardio bursts woven throughout, and just a touch of Pilates.

NEW: Workout With Me! 50 Minute Lower Body Strength & HIIT Cardio Bursts With Dumbbells and Step

Re: the "Workout With Me" caption on this workout - I tried something with this new workout that I’ve wanted to try for years; I made the routine up as I went along. That probably sounds a bit careless, but what I mean is that I approached the workout session like I would one of my own, in that I moved fluidly from one thing to the next. Not having to worry about timers, or choosing just one format of routine allowed for a bit of spontaneity and flexibility in the different types of trainings I utilized. Whether or not I film another workout in this style or not, I had a lot fo fun and really enjoyed this one. If you've ever wondered what I would be like as a real life workout buddy, this workout is a pretty close idea lol. You'll have to let me know what you think!

I'm going to be filming again today, and I've also got some editing to do for next week's free Monday release. It's going to be a full day, so I started out the day with a big breakfast and an early morning chat with my best friend. Always a nice way to start the day ūüėä

On the workout front, I just finished the Plus 2 Week FB 30 Challenge yesterday (ūü•≥), and otherwise this month I have a goal of hitting at least 3 strength sessions a week. Do you have any goals that you're aiming for in the month of October?

I hope you all have a good day!