2-week Challenge Suggestion

I would love a two-week challenge that includes three 7–12-minute (give or take) workouts that one can do throughout the day and that don’t require warm-up or cool-down times.

They can work as pick-me-up breaks during the work day or maybe done all in a row for an active rest-day workout.

I think it would work well for people who work from home or in some office situations where one can find a small private space a few times a day (or even get a few colleagues together to take 10ish min fitness breaks in an unused room. I used to do that, ages ago).

One doesn’t want to have to change clothes necessarily - well maybe switch out one’s top and shoes. And added warm-ups and cool downs would take too much time, but short, little bursts of exercise a few times a day can be a life saver.

Do others think this might be useful?