Flex & Booty Rd 2 Complete! πŸŽ‰

I had a goal for September, and that was to do the Flex & Booty programs. I completed them today, on the last day of September! I'm very happy I stuck with these programs and made it all the way through. I scheduled them so that I would be working out 5 days a week, so one week would have three Flex days and two Booty days, and the next week would have three Booty days and two Flex days. That worked very well for me.


- I maxed out my powerblocks for deadlifts (24 pounds!) (used to be 18 pounds)

- I am lifting 15 pounds per hand for bicep curls (used to be 9 pounds)

- I feel so much stronger and more capable!

- I have much better definition in my arms, and a little bit of baby definition in my legs

I'm trying to decide which program I want to do next. I own FB Blend & FB 30 Rd 3 and haven't done either of them. How do you guys like FB Blend?