New Free Workout: 40-Min Three-Round Strength Circuit

Good morning FB family!

We have a new workout release for you this morning, my first free strength-focused routine:

Three-Round Combination Moves Strength Circuit with Plank Finisher

This workout is a relatively quick go-to strength routine for days when you want an efficient total body workout without having to focus on multiple circuits. Combination strength moves keep your heartrate elevated, challenge your balance and core strength, and on those days when you need a little extra push to press play on your workout, they keep your mind engaged and dialed in. Your goal is to maintain or increase your weight choices for each exercise during each subsequent round of the circuit. Make sure to read the write-up for weight selection suggestions and several tips on form for the Plank Finisher.

If you want an opportunity to get your muscles moving before jumping into this workout, Kelli’s Total Body Warm Up Workout to Wake Up the Body and Mind is a great addition to this workout. On days when I’m particularly sore or struggling with mental readiness to workout, I extend my warm-up to make sure that my body is fully prepared for movement as well as gauge what kind of movement (or recovery) is best for my body that day.

What am I up to? Toying around with several different workout ideas! I love trying out future workouts – I often experiment on myself just to make sure the exercises and workout format have a good flow before making their way to you.

I completed this workout a couple of times on my own before tweaking the format to make it FB ready. I hope you enjoy it! There are no burpees so that’s gotta count for something, right?

See you on the screen!